bambi goes fashion


the message of the artwork, be it subtle or more antagonistic, relies thus on its continous rebellion against the accepted sign, on the clandestine juxtaposition of familiar and unfamiliar, of images and contexts; through ambiguity, bluntness or disguise, this juxtaposition can open up new meanings and interpretations. 


series of various patterned fawns, related to some common fashion labels; acrylic on canvas

Vienna, 2015

the runners 


the artist got runners so she started to make photos of their daily way of behaving and acting in her garden. these sometimes curious looking snapshots accompanied by music titles throughout the hole range of common popmusic opens new contexts of interpretation;
concepted for a continous publishing on facebook


digital pics and prints;

near Vienna, 2014, 2015

hidden objects


some hidden objects and colorings for various customers


info illustration


graphic recordings, info maps, manuals and clips



facade design


facade design-& painting of a single-familiy house: the attempt to renature the fauna to the initially state of the place/ground where the house was buildt in it´s design.


Au am Anzbach; 2009


molehills made of concrete


flexible molehills made of concrete: make work that can fight for it´s moral rights and ecological compensation to encourage biologial diversity and ecology


Austria, 2015 installation in public urban places



logos, picts, folders, books, homepages, wall decors, illustrations, newspaper and magazine covers and
​layout concepts





books, pixie books, editorials, posters, give aways, info ads... 




watch some of the artist´s illustrations she made for various publishing houses and advertising agencies


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